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Magic symbols for magic people

Tribal street wear goes global with ethnic influences and backgrounds: Spaced-Out Hindu love gods snog Japanese Kanji with a hand full of moshing Celtic Ninja Runes joining in for added excitement.

The name Gado Gado Vienna is taken from gado-gado (which means 'to mix' in Indonesian) and 'Vienna', which is where founders Pitzi and Issy were living when they got together.
But how did it all start. The main idea behind Gado Gado Vienna has always been to produce individually designed and printed clothing incorporating Tribal and Tattoo art. Pitzi explains, Our background was tattoo art. We came from the Vienna punk and metal scene and knew what was our priority, clothes with screen printed tattoo and tribal designs influenced by (renowned global tattoo artist) Bernie Luther who gave us his designs for the first productions?
Pitzi and Issy first came to Bali 1992 on vacation, but recognised pretty soon that there was something special about the island. There were so many possibilities to be creative and we so much wanted to come back soon. The next time they returned was a year later with good friend Bernie. ?We rented a big house together and opened a shop and a Tattoo studio in front of the house.

Trance music had taken off around the world and Bali was a centre for international parties and DJs. Party people were travelling here from all over the world and buying up Gado Gado clothes which symbolised the metal-techno-punk scene of which Pitzi and Issy were very much part of. Issy agrees, ?It was the right time and the right place for our tribal style and things took off.?

Bali was also the centre for this merging of techno, tribal, tattoos and punk. Indonesian tribes are known to use tattooing as a part from their traditional culture. These is more than just for aesthetic reasons; tribal art symbolises traditions, religion and social status ? whether as skin art or on your clothing.

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